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We have wonderful WCM lesson horses. Some work for us full-time, some are just part-time, all give us their best when we ask of them. They are wonderful teachers who take excellent care of their students. We thank them for their dedicated service.

All of our regularly scheduled lessons start at 6 years of age, and are private or semi-private; larger group (4 or more riders) lessons are scheduled for drill team or traffic handling skills. WCM has set strict guidelines for all of our instructors. Our training staff is proud to offer excellent instruction in all disciplines. While we typically start new riders in the Saddleseat discipline, once a rider has attained good control of his/her body and the horse, he/she can choose another discipline. We feel that with a good beginning, riders are prepared and balanced to in any seat. That is why we set goals and provide supervision so that he/she can meet those goals - all while having fun.

At WCM, we have very high standards for safety and horesemanship skills. We hope, that even if a rider never has the opportunity to show, that he/she will be able to ride any horse in any type of tack and know what to do to stay safe and have fun. Riders and drivers learn to groom, tack and untack, know the parts of the equipment and the parts of the horse, are responsbible to cool down the horse when finished with their lesson and put everything away. As part of the fitness program, all riders are required to stretch and do exercises at the beginning and ending of each lesson, this prepares the rider for work and allows the horses to warm up and cool down at the walk, therefore, greatly reducing injury to everyone.

- Standard Lessons are scheduled usually on a 12 week basis, and paid a month in advance, due on the 1st of each month.

- Beginners work during daylight hours only.

- There are Makeup lessons in the event of excused absences or weather and must be made up within 2 weeks of the missed date.

- Each student attends at least one tack cleaning session per month, on Saturdays or rainy days. These are scheduled.

The nature of our well-rounded program, produces educated and capable horsemen, not just riders, but those who appreciate the horses and are able to manage all facets of horsemanship as they progress. They are prepared for a future of safe and fun interaction with horses.

Riding is truly the Sport of Kings, and we want everyone at WCM to have a fabulous time, while working hard to attain the goals to make each one the best he/she can be. Come visit us and see why we are so good at what we do.

WCM Lesson terms:

- Standard Beginner/Intermediate WCM Lesson = Private or Semi-Private (3 riders or less)

- Advanced WCM Lesson = 4 riders or more (for AdvancedAcademy and A-circuit riders, for show/traffic practice)

- Academy = riding/showing WCM Lesson Horse, student does not own a horse

- A-Circuit = Advanced Students, owning/leasing Full-Training horses, riding in A-Rated shows

- Instructional Riding/Driving time = 30 minutes

- Instructional Ground time = 30 minutes, directly supervised until student is self-sufficient and can work more independently. We encourage self-sufficiency in stages.


WCM is proud to offer an amazing Riding Team that is open to ALL WCM students and includes the Carrollwood Day School Equestrian Club! For more details on the Riding Team, click here.

The Barn Rules for more information on our program and facility.

All riders/drivers must have a a copy of the WCM Barn Rules and the Farm Release Form on file.

For more information, use our contact page or click here to email WCM.
Someone will respond within 2 business days. If your email is unanswered, please call - it may be lost.

Attention CDS and CMCS families, email for special CMCS and CDS services at WCM

Meet some of our super Lesson Horses:


General, Spunk, Ritz, Brando, Dancer (and their silly WCM Camp Staff friends :)


Who we are

We are a professional team that works hard every day to share, educate, and demonstrate excellence in all equestrian divisions.


CONTACT FAQ is usually the fastest way to find a solution to any questions you may have. For additoinal information contact us.

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