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Anne Winograd and Valarie Siemer
Southern States Regional Horse Show 2016




Valarie Siemer has been a well-respected horse professional for over 35 years. Valarie started riding at nine years of age in hunt seat and dressage with another renowned trainer, Colonel Kimball. She began showing Morgan horses as a teenager at Freedom Acres Farm in Tampa, where she added saddle seat to her training repertoire. Valarie also worked concurrently with other trainers to broaden her skills, including showing Arabians for several years in-hand and over fences. She also coordinated Freedom Acre's breeding and foaling operations. In 1995, Valarie's business and clientele grew out of Freedom Acres Farm and moved to a larger local facility, aptly named Valarie Siemer Training Center. With increased growth and positive business changes, the entire operation moved in 2001 to the brand new West Coast Morgans facility in Odessa, FL. West Coast Morgans is currently home to thirty-four horses, primarily Morgans and Saddlebreds. Her talented show string competes throughout the Southeast, to New England, Ohio, and in Oklahoma for the Morgan Grand Nationals and World Championships.

Valarie's extensive experience training horses, from starting youngsters through post-accident retraining, applies to all disciplines and types of breeds. We are proud to train all breeds to the best of their ability, including Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, and Appoloosas. At West Coast Morgans, she trains horses from youngsters in hand to driving and under saddle. She and her clients have taken top awards in all disciplines from saddle seat, pleasure driving, hunt seat, carriage, dressage, western, and trail. Her honors in the Morgans horse community are extensive. She has won numerous World and National Championships and several National Trainer Awards. Her reputation on a national and local level is that she presents quality horse and shows with a tremendous sense of sportsmanship. In open competition against other breeds, her clients usually end up in the top ten percent of their classes.

Valarie represents her clients well and treats them with honesty and respect. Her integrity and work ethic offer positive examples to her clients and staff. She is the mother of three boys, and wife to a College Dean. She remains active in her church and local community. She also volunteers with the Florida Morgan Horse Association and contributes to national publications on Morgan horses. We are glad to have her as Head Trainer at West Coast Morgans.



Ms. Anne Judd returned to the Tampa Bay area to be near family, and we are thrilled to have her join the WCM family. Her experience as a professional horsewoman is profound, and spans more than four decades of success. She holds her large "R" judges card and judges at the national level, as well as clinics throughout the year. Anne goes by AJ at WCM, as she shares her namesake with the Owner, Anne Winograd.

AJ has experience training some of the finest equitation riders in the world, from novice to experienced. She is a world-traveller and has trained and managed facilities all the way from Kentucky, Florida, to South Africa, California, and at last back to Florida. She helped create and found the International Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup. The international component equates this competition to the Olympics of Saddle Seat Equitation. She has a BA degree in Secondary Education/Psychology which facilitates her ability to communicate with her students to facilitate them fulfilling their individual potential. She brings with her additional training experience for the horses in all disciplines, from driving, to under saddle work.

AJ conducts on-site clinics at WCM throughout the year, as well as training horses and students. Her teaching isextremely detail-driven and incorporatesnot only the care and condition of the horse, turnout, and horsemanship, as well as correct equitation; as all of the elements are symbiotic to make the team perform at their best. Her positive perspective is good to keep positive focus on goals and general attitude, and we are thrilled to have her as part of the team. She and Valarie are working together on all of the training plans for the WCM horses, and the combination of the two talented trainers is apparent.

AJ enjoys time with her daughter Christie and family, and lives closeby with her service dog, Manny, who joins her at the farm. AJ is another happy, fun person to have around, and we are so glad she decided to return to the area and join us!


Anne Meredith Winograd graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1990. A member of the top intercollegiate riding team in the country, Anne achieved honors as a hunt seat rider. Anne started riding as a child, and showing at eight years of age with Martha Ann Shires at New Canaan Mounted Troop, in New Canaan, Ct. In 1981, she won the Reserve Champion honors in the region. She showed in open hunter/jumper competitions until moving to Tampa in 1982. She then competed throughout West Central Florida riding western and barrel racing. After graduating college, she moved to Boston and worked full-time for the management consultant firm, Bain & Company, Inc. She also taught beginning riding lessons for the Ken Edwards Riding School and co-managed the 76 stall Longview Farm equestrian facilty in Danvers, MA.

Anne has always been an industrious, goal-oriented person. She became one of the first equine physical therapists in the country, certified in equine sports massage. While co-barn managing the Longview Farm equestrian facility, she trained and showed her Arabian stallion. Returning to Tampa in 1992 with three Arabian show horses and a Thoroughbred school horse, Anne taught riding lessons, promoted her equine massage business, and worked with her own horses. She also worked part-time as a veterinary technician for a local equine practitioner. She has since become a highly respected horsewoman for her skills in equine health care and physical conditioning and rehabilitation.

Anne met Valarie Siemer when she asked to come and address the conditioning and sports therapy needs of the Morgan show horses at Freedom Acres. After working with Valarie and the Morgan horses, Anne took special notice of the extremely well-mannered and popular breed. The versatile Morgan breed is proficient in all disciplines for all levels of rider. Subsequently, Anne become more closely associated with Valarie Siemer and her clients, eventually marrying Morgan horse owner Glenn Winograd in 1997.

Anne showed several years under Valarie Siemer Training Center in the sport horse divisions throughout Florida, earning Florida Morgan High Point Awards beginning in 1995, while employed full-time in the health care industry. Leaving United HealthCare as the senior Corporate Technical Writer, Anne wrote on a freelance basis, and in 1998, began work as Valarie's Assistant Trainer and Instructor. She continues to train and show, is a certified Equine Appraiser, and teaches a wonderful group of beginners through intermediate riders and drivers. Additionally, Anne has developed interests in several related industries including consulting for national equine products companies, website development and support of the UPHA Chapter 16 and Academy program, as well generating concepts for future websites and businesses. She has created the therapy programs that have become integral to the WCM services, and act as a rehabilitation facility for horses transitioning from a hospital setting to return to work.

Anne coordinates all of the business management of West Coast Morgans, Inc. with assistance from Valarie Siemer and husband, Glenn. Anne & Glenn two wonderful children, Rachael and Ethan, and two funny dogs, Alex and Talya.



Mrs. Nikki Bennett has joined the WCM team early in 2016 and hit the ground running. She has already helped to restructure the administrative and operations processes to greater efficiency and helps run the day-to-day operations under Anne Winograd and Valarie Siemer. Nikki is an accomplished horsewoman and comes to us with experience in hunters and saddle horses and can teach as well as groom and train. She manages the lesson calendar and much more. She has a wealth of health care knowledge and is the primary caregiver to those horses in rehabilitation therapy programs at WCM. Nikki is a vert talented therapist, and has experience in many therapy modalities and conditioning, thanks to her experience with Anne Winograd. We are happy to have her help make WCM great!



Liz recently joined the WCM Team in the Fall of 2016, and has jumped into the training program with great vigor and joy. Originally, from NW New Jersey where she grew up in the country with dogs, cats, horses, parents and an older brother. She attended William Woods University which then led her to an opportuity to work in the Tampa area with a successful Saddlebred farm as an instrcutor. She specializes in teaching novice students, developing their skills from start to competition, and has great talent for preparing riders for the show ring. Her riding background is largely Saddle Seat, but is capable of training all seats and driving. To keep herself well-rounded, she also focuses on her continuing education, and is nearly complete with her Florida Department of Education kindergarten - 6th grade Professional Teaching Certificate.

Liz teaches lessons and works under the guidance of our Head Trainer, Valarie Siemer. She does a wonderful job working with the young horses, as well as our seasoned athletes. She is also the key contact and primary coach of the Carrollwood Day School Equestrian Program, and the WCM Riding Team. Her positive attitude and accurate teaching style is reflective of some of her experiences and excellent professional instruction. Her work with the indominable Gayle Lampe, among others, has paid off, and she is a fantastic rider and teacher. Her communication style always carries a happy lilt, and that is in and out of the barn. We welcome her to the WCM Family and know she is in the right place for future greatness!



WCM is proud to present our Camp Counselors and Junior Teaching Staff throughout the school year. These young women have been students and part of the WCM family for many years and work together with the Senior Staff teaching Camp and a light schedule of beginner and intermediate lessons, around the school calendar. These young ladies are proficient at working with kids with all learning styles and are patient, kind, and polite. All demonstrate an excellent example of the WCM work ethic and high standard of teaching that the younger students benefit and learn from on and off the horses.


Glenn Winograd started riding late as an adult, with long-time friend Doris Bazzini. They fortunately found Valarie Siemer and Freedom Acres, well over 25 years ago. Glenn learned to ride Saddle Seat and drive quickly, and has since branched out into showing Morgans and Saddlebreds. He met his wife Anne in 1992 while at Freedom Acres; they became fast friends, eventually marrying in 1997. After accumulating 4 horses together, they decided with Valarie and two great neighbors to buy land in Odessa, and built West Coast Morgans with neighbors they love. They share the house drive with Doris and Peter Bazzini, Bel Cavallo Morgans. With Valarie living barely 10 minutes away, the WCM family remains closeby.

Always an active member and staunch supporter of the Morgan breed, Glenn has been the President of the Florida Morgan Horse Association, Vice-President, and many years as a Director. He helps coordinate both the Citrus Cup Regional Morgan Horse Show and the Summer's End Horse Show, presented by the FMHA each year.

Glenn has a business management degree from the University of Florida and is currently Vice-President of his recruitment firm in Tampa, Criterion Executive Search. After work and on the weekends, he manages his "honey-do" list at the farm and still gets to ride and show.


There are several others that are part of our WCM back barn team. They help with all of the miscellaneous responsibilities that make the business run, and all behind the scenes. This wonderful group of people help do all of the things that keep our business running seamlessly, from the bookkeeping, to supplement management, to cleaning the barn, feeding, turnout, deliveries, errands, and many other helpful deeds. Caretakers work with specific horses to manage and care for, and work closely with Val to help with their horses' training needs. It is apparent when you walk down the barn aisle that the WCM crew works hard to ensure that the operations of the farm continue while we are all out enjoying the horses and the fresh air.

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